Renaissance and Reformation Project

By Marcus Lynch

William Shakespeare

     William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564. On November 28,  1582 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. Susanna was born six months later. She was their first born. In 1592 William leaves Stratford to go work in nearby emerging theaters. In 1595 Shakespeare was recognized as the leading playwright in London. In 1599 the Globe Theater was built. It was financed be Shakespeare and his company. On June 29, 1613 the Globe Theater was burnt down due to Henry VIII, a play that was going on that evening. But sadly on April 23, 1616 William Shakespeare died for an unknown  reason. Many historians believe that he died of typhus because of the outbreak during the time of his death.

Shakespeare's Achievements

  • He worked in the London theater world from 1594 to 1608
  • Shakespeare made and published 154 sonnets
  • In his lifetime he wrote 37 plays
  • His plays are still performed worldwide
  • Shakespeare became one of the most famous playwrights of his time

John Calvin

     On July 10, 1509 John Calvin was born in France. His father was a lawyer and had a habit of forcing John to attend University to study courses he didn't want to take. In 1523 John is forced to go to the University of Paris to study art. He transferred to the College de Montague and finishes the Bachelor of Arts in 1528. In 1529 john is forced, by his father, to attend the University of Bourges to study Law under Alciat. On May 26, 1531 John's father dies. With his father dead John was able to attend any college he wanted to. So John went to College de France to study theology.On September 5, 1536 John is hired by the City Council of Geneva to be their Sacarum Literarum Doctor. On April 25, 1538 John is banished from the city of Geneva and flees to Strasbourg. On May 27, 1564 John dies while living in the city

Calvin's Achievements

  • Established the University of Geneva. It is a Grade school, High School and College all in one.
  • He is responsible for the printing of the Geneva Bible
  • Graduated from the University of Orleans in 1531 for law
  • Became a preacher
  • Came up with Calvinism- which empathized the idea of predestination which was the idea that there were two types of people,Saints and Sinners.

Leonardo da Vinci

     Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452. In 1467 when Leonardo was only 15 years old he was sent to Florence to work as an apprentice to Andrea de Verrocchio. In 1482 Leonardo moves to Milan to work for their cities Duke. When the Duke fell from power in 1499, Leonardo moved back to Venice for a short period of time. He returns to Florence in 1500. In 1592 he became the Senior Military Architect  and General  Engineer for Cesar Borgia. He was Pope Alexander VI son. He began to work on the Mona Lisa in 1503. But sadley he died on May 2, 1519 in France.

Leonardo Da Vince's Achievements

  • He was only 20 when he was accepted into the Painters Guild of Florence
  • When he completed the Last Supper in 1498
  • He received the commission for the Virgin of the Rocks from the church of San Francisco Grande
  • He painted the Mona Lisa
  • He invented the first flying machine