Located in Western Canada, Alberta is a province rich with a beautiful environment, abundant natural resources, a strong economy and a stable political system. Oil sands are located in three major areas in northeast Alberta underlying 140,200 square kilometers. The Alberta oil sands is an area with oil and sand mixed together. The type of oil we find in the oils sands is bitermen, we use bitermen then you fuel for cars bubble gum, cosmetics and tooth paste. In order to separate the oil and the water you put the sand in the water then you shake it up and then you get separation. The economic drive of Canada is energy. when other resources oil sands are supposed to fill in. The Oil Sands are fairly new and the people who work there work very gentility to continue the processes and try and find new ways to continue the project.

The environmental impacts are the pollution of the Athabasca river with arsenic. Arsenic  is proven to create cancer and the levels of arsenic have exceeded  the legal limit my about 1200x. There also high levels of mercury witch is giving the fish in the river tumors witch is bad fr the people also making them sick. The types of cancer people are getting are rare so its harder to treat them. The pollution happening  isn't OK i believe the solution to all of this is moving the people out of the areas because its not logical to close down the oil sands, this is Canada's main source of income and  Americas main source of oil. If Canada shuts down the oil sands then there won't be money for health care and education etc. The only way that people will stop getting cancer is if the people of fort chip leave and go to a more suburban area that isn't so polluted.

My opinion on the whole topic is that they should continue the oil sand but only if they move the people out . if the continue perdusing oil at this rate then a lot of people will die. Canada wants to triple the rate of oil the my perduce witch is very bad news for the people of for chip. They should move because they need the money Canada's making off the oil sands too for education and basic human necessacities.  Overall the solution to this problem is for the people to leave because it isn't safe for them to stay.

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This is a picture of the Alberta oil sands.