Michael Jordan

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Reid K.

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York and he his still with us today.

Significant Events in History that Affected Michael's Life

  • Vietnam War
  • Cold War
  • 9/11
  • Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Michael's Childhood

Michael had a poor family, but his family was also very strong and loving. Jordan and his family moved to North Carolina early in his life. Michael was very cheerful as a child but he also had a few bad habits. He wasn't very motivated. He played baseball which was his first love, then he found basketball.

People Who Influenced Michael's Life

  • Juanita Jordan, Michael's wife, was very important to Michael and an inspiration.
  • James Jordan, Michael's father, helped Michael with his basketball career.
  • Deloris Jordan, Michael's mother, raised Michael with very high morals.
  • Larry Jordan, Michael's brother, was a role model for Michael.

Unique Facts...

  1. Michael Jordan attributed to all of the Bulls' first six NBA titles.
  2. Michael signed with more than 7 companies for advertising including Nike, Coca-Cola, and Wheaties.
  3. Michael was known for playing professional basketball, but he also played one year of professional baseball.


  • Won six NBA Finals, two of which were three-peat.
  • Michael won five NBA MVP awards.
  • He won Rookie of the Year in 1985.
  • Had his own shoe line made with the help of Nike, Air Jordan.
  • Opened his own restaurant in Chicago, Michael Jordan's.
  • He starred in the movie Space Jam with the Loony Toons.
  • Michael was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2009.

The theme of Michael's life was...

Michael Jordan promoted the idea that hard work and persistence pay off.

  • Michael's mom told Michael when he was young, "I never see you for the color. I see you for the person you are."
  • Michael said this about how to play basketball, "People don't want this kind of basketball, the dirty flagrant foul, the unsportsmanlike conduct. It's bad for basketball."
  • Michael said this after a basketball game, "We knew our responsibilities and we knew our capabilities."

Michael was an inspiration in my life to become better at basketball. I learned from Michael Jordan's life that you have to do what you are comfortable with, but not something someone else wants you to do. You have to do what you love.

Michael's words of advice and what he taught me...

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