Growing and changing
Self concept

"Growing old is mandatory; Growing up is optional " ~unknown

Why do we grow and change ? We all start out small and eventually start growing as we get older. Humans are built to grow; we have bones and muscles that grow inside of us. If we eat the right amount of food and drink the right amount of  fluids we will start growing. Growing just does not mean getting taller it means you  have to  grow and change to  develop and adapt  to the world .

First impressions are when somebody meets you for the first time and get a mental image of that person .The image varies it could be right or it could be wrong it all depends on the observer and the target that hes imaging.

Constructive criticism is evaluating and seeing something that somebody could do different so you criticize them but it is trying to help them not put them down not to make them sad. An example is say your not choke up on the bat in baseball and it is causing you to  miss the ball every time you bat so your coach come out and raise is voice and tell you to choke up on the bat that constructive criticism not him being mean.

In your life you have to take certain roles an responsibility's in your life if you don't play those right you will not be very successful in your life in order to be successful you are going to do an make sure you do those roles right.    

Dealing with emotions during your teenage years and much much later in your life you are going to have break ups and yes those can be emotional but that's just a part of life its going to happen to everybody for guys its probably going to be easier most likely but not every time guys will just go outside and just forget about girls on the other hand are most likely going to be an emotional wreck that my guess because i'm not a girl but girls will either go shopping or eat it off so emotions are going to hit you hard from a teenager till later on.

Why we are unique we all have our different personality nobody is the same two people everybody is going to have different opinions and that's a good thing we don't want a world of same people that's why we have conflicts because no two people are the same.

When you are changing you are going to go through physical and emotional changes physical means you are going to have zits and pimples your going to get taller your going to start noticing facial hair and other hair particles emotional is in the paragraph I just wrote its before this one.


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