ACMS: Monday Musings

1. Standards Progression

Let's start our day with a little reflection. This year is getting it's groove back...week 8 is underway! Here's your table talk: how is the skill described in RL.3 different in your grade level compared to the grades immediately below and above it?

2. RI.3

That was fun! Now, let's get practical. Sometimes, it's tempting to confine nonfiction text instruction to biographies & background knowledge. Don't forget that the most compelling social movements in the world come from the story of a single person. Real life events, experiences, and testimonies can spark passion and interest in your students.

Let's match RI.___.3 to the video below:

In your grade level group, review the sample questions below to discuss the connection between the text/video and the specific standard you're teaching. Come up with one new question you could use in instruction. Enter that question in the #3 spot on your grade's slide.

3. RL.3

Please look back at the standards progression for RL.3. In your grade level groups, come up with a list of criteria you will use to choose a text to fit that skill. We'll share together in five minutes.

One more thing...don't forget to critically consider the resources you're using when borrowing from textbook-aligned lessons. Check out this example and let's discuss:

4. Vocabulary

Let's re-think vocab instruction. Yes, students need to learn new words. Yes, expanding their vocabulary will help them become better readers. But, who says it has to be 15-20 spelling words every week with a quiz at the end? Consider this model as an example.

Final Thoughts

Please use the comment stream below to explain how you've offered students choices in what they're reading so far this semester. If you need to, you can instead share a way that you WILL offer choices in what they'll read going into your next unit!