Pro NFL Quarterback

Career Description

A NFL quarterback is the general of the offense. His job is to move the ball down the field through runs and passes to put his team into a position to score.

Required Skills

To be a NFL quarterback, you have to be able to throw and run the ball. You also have to be able to read defensive coverages. You need to be able to read coverages because you have to know where to throw the ball before the play starts. You need to be able to throw and run the ball in order for you to move the ball down the field and score.

Educational Requirements

To enter the NFL draft, you need to be at a collegiate school for three years. To further quarterback skills, you need to attend training camps during the off season.

Salary Expectations

The average NFL quarterback makes around two-million dollars a year. The veteran quarterbacks in the NFL like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees make around ten-million dollars a year.

Future Outlook

It is extremly hard for someone to become a NFL quarterback. There are only ninety-six quarterbacks in the NFL and only thirty-two quarterbacks are starters. On average, quarterbacks stay in the NFL for four years unless, they are good, then there careers might last for close to twenty years like Brett Favre's career.


The benefits of playing quarterback in the NFL are playing something that is fun and enjoyable, making lots of money, not being stuck in a office, making memories, and getting to do something that only ninety-six people in the world get to do.

Similar Careers to Pro Quarterbacks

A similar career to a NFL quarterbacks is Major League pitchers because they have to throw a ball and do special thing for the team that only they can do like throwing a variety of different pitches like a nuckle ball, curve ball, or a change-up.

Why I Picked This Career

I picked being a pro quarterback because I love football almost more than anything, there is nothing in the world that I would rather do, and it is the most difficult position to play in football. What makes me think that I would be a good fit for this career is that I do not quit and I'm willing to work harder than anybody else to be successful at this career.

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