Technology Improvement

The History of computers

When technology started we weren't familiar with it or what it could do.It became more useful when World War II happen.When WWI happened the results of it were bad so the people started to improve their technology that they could be better off.So that period of time people began to improve their development.Some people made some items to help themselves like calculators,computers,phones, etc.

In the 1950s people saw the establishment of a viable commercial computer industry in the United States and parts of Europe.The 1960s was the first computer made as seen above it only produced numeric or text output.

By the 1970s and 1980s the computer PLATO it was a system that combined  text,graphics,and sound.It was a interactive computer first ever made.By the 1987 the computer was added applications like word,presentations,and PowerPoint by Microsoft.

In the 1990s Google was made by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 4th 1998.By 2008 and present, computer scientist are developing more programs to be made to make people's live more easier.

Is Technology bad

Technology wasn't bad in the old days but today some scientist are using the technology in the bad way like infecting your computer with virus using adds.When they do this they use codes that are different than the computer has.It will attract you and you would click it and infects your computer.  

When you are using your computer be careful because they can do the following in the picture shown above. If the technology keeps doing or making more ways of  infecting you computer to be more slow think fast and have a security system.If you don't be aware you might be infected with the virus you cant get rid for the rest of your life without a security system.

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History of computing

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