What do you think about limiting a reader’s selection of books? Do you think that there should be limits as to what kids or teenagers should be allowed to read? Or do you feel that anybody should be able to access whichever type of literature they wish to read? Should “Book Banning” be allowed? Book banning shouldn’t be allowed because it is going against our first amendment and is diminishing a person’s opportunity of discovering something new.

Book banning shouldn’t be allowed because it is going against our first amendment. Our first amendment states that we have the freedom of religion, assembly, petition, press, and speech. With this particular case we are looking at the freedom of speech and press. Authors have the right to publish whatever they wish and readers have the right to read whatever they wish. Book banning is not allowing a person, an author to be exact, to express their thoughts on a subject. Book banning is not letting a reader to choose a book they have been expecting, off the shelf because it’s not their anymore. Just by violating our rights you have come to cause these situations.

Furthermore, book banning shouldn’t be allowed because it diminishes a person’s opportunity of discovering something. A reader can discover many things when reading a book, but if it is never there in the first place then how will this reader discover what he/she might have needed? You are predominantly closing those discoveries. What if by reading a certain book a reader can finally answer a self-question they have been so desperately yearning to find? By having a wide selection of books, you allow the readers imagination run wild making something more than just words on paper. The reader creates a whole new level of pleasure.

In conclusion, book banning would just cause more damage than help. Going against our constitutional rights is hard enough to fight with, but you really wouldn’t want to go up against very passionate and creative readers. As to people reading what they are not supposed to I think that that the easiest solution is to just allow the readers to be responsible because they are the ones who are being impacted by what they read.