Setting-Narrative Importance

What is it and why is it important.?

Learning Goal-to understand the importance of setting for creating context and intrigue and imaginatively create  anew setting

Success Critieria

1. Identify the setting of your novel by focusing on 5 passages that the author vividly describes the landscape

2. Choose an alternative setting that might be interesting-another country, another season, another planet, another time period.....

a) re-write the passages in the scene

b) create an instagram/vine of what the scene might look like

c) re-cord an ebook with the re-written passages

d) use a web 2.0 tool of of your choice to contrast scenes......

3. Reflect on the importance of setting in your story, and how and why the author chose what he/she did...

Setting is important whether dealing with

  • historical fiction
  • sci-fi fantasy
  • present day dramas

What does a good setting provide?

  • sense of realism (no anachronisms) so that the reader/viewer buys in
  • excitement of possibility and introduction to the unknown

Hard to do on paper, because vivid description is necessary….

Example of Historical Fiction-Describe the setting?

Sci-Fi  Example….

Setting includes three closely related aspects of a work of fiction.

A.The physical, sensuous world of the work (particularly important in Avatar above).

B.The time in which the action of the work takes place. (particularly important in Inglorious Bastards-1941 Pastoral France juxtaposed with the purposeful cold blooded Germans)

C.The social environment of the characters (i.e. the manners, customs, and moral values of the characters' society).

II.Just as a picture has a foreground and a background, so too does a story. A.The main characters and their actions, which are of greatest interest to the reader, form the foreground.

B.The time and place of the events and the circumstances that surround these events form the background, or setting.

III.A story which uses a setting that is or was true to a specific time and place uses verisimilitude . A.The story appears to be real.

IV.Sometimes setting and plot are inseparable and sometimes not.

A.Some story conflicts could only occur in a particular setting.

B.Other times, the conflicts and story could occur in any time and place.

Questions about timeII.Three main types of questions about time are important. A.What period in history does the action take place?

  • What historical events affect the characters?

B.How long does it take for the action to occur?

  • What clues does the author give for the passage of time?
  • Is the passage of time important to the theme?
  • Is the passage of time important to the believability of the story?
  • Is time used to structure the story?

C.How is the passage of time perceived by the characters?

  • Does the slow or fast passage of time help to understand the character's actions and thoughts?

Questions about social environment  III.Sometimes the social environment is unimportant and others times it is very important. A.What is the social environment of the story?

  • What does the author feel about the manners, mores, customs, rituals, or codes of conduct of the society?
  • How do they affect the characters?