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Layer Mask Tutorial

In this tutorial you will use vector masks (layer masks) to create a composite image. Once you have completed this tutorial you should have an understanding on how layer masks work and what you can use them for.

Images for use with this tutorial:

Only download the dry river bed


Lets start by opening the dry river bed image you have just downloaded.


Now open the water rapids and copy and paste into Photoshop. One the image is in photo shop press Ctrl+T

This selects the tool free transform, holding shift and dragging the top left corner each time, resize the image like below. The water needs to cover the entire river bed.


Next we need to add a layer mask, click the layer mask to select it, then we need to fill the mask with black. This will make your water vanish.


Next you need to select the brush tool and choose a soft brush, change the size to around 40 (this will need to lowered for the smaller part of the river).

Choose white as your main colour and start painting where the water was displayed. Keep doing this until you get the same as below. if you make a mistake just change your colour to black and re paint, this will hide any art your did wrong.


Now load the last picture from the last button at the top of this tackk 'Water Raft'.

Copy and paste the raft into your image, use the free transform tool Ctrl+T to resize and move it into position like below.


Now add a layer mask onto the raft layer and fill it with black like before.

Select the brush tool like on the previous step and use Size 50. Make sure your selected colour is white.

Now paint over the raft so you can see it all. Then change the opacity of the brush tool to around 40% and carefully bland the raft into the water. Note you may need to resize the brush for the smaller gaps. Remember any mistake change the colour to black.

Final changes:

Click the layer with the water and

Go to image>adjustments>colour balance

Use the top slider and move it slightly to adjust the colour of the water to make it look like it fits in, then repeat this on the raft layer.

Final Image

Now it's challenge time, find three or more of your own images and use these techniques to create your own composite image.

Once you have made your image upload it in the comments stream below with your name, the best one wins a prize!!!

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