IT & Business


connecting to other people around the world with social media......  Facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube.

easier way to purchase goods through the internet...... eBay, Amazon, craigslist and websites for online shopping.

much more effective ways to prevent cyber bullying........ report buttons, flag buttons and block buttons.

easier way to stream movies and tv shows........ netflix, sky go and apple tv.

much easier and efficient way to find a location you are looking for...... serching for a shops address using google maps.


Going onto websites could involve getting cyber bullied which is getting bullied online.

Involving yourself with technology too much can lead to the damage of your retinas, which means you'll have poor eye sight.

The spreading of viruses means that anyone's computer or device could be ruined because of a faulty website.

People can hack into other people's privacy

Money can be taken out of you account without your knowledge.