U.S. Symbols

By Coylton and Abel

The U.S. Symbols are the flag, song, pledge,  and the bird.

Betsy Ross made the flag. June 14 is flag day. It was made in 1959. It flys on the moon too. The colors are red, white, and blue. It has 13 stars on it.

It is called The Star Spangled Banner. It is the national banner. Francis Scott Key wrote it. It started as a poem. It was made in 1931,

The pledge of allegiance appeared in 1892. Francis Bellamy wrote it. It was first called Youths Companion. It has 31 words in it. It was adopted in 1942.

It is called the Bald Eagle. It stands for freedom and power. It is national bird for over 200 years. It was placed on the seal in 1982. It became state bird in 1982.