Saharah Pereira

7H Digital tech

So far in digital tech I've learned how to edit photos and create an on-line project. For editing the photos I found off the internet, I used a free online image editor called pixlr. To make my online profile, I used Tackk. They were very efficient and easy to use websites. I've achieved in editing photos and doing online projects.

This picture is of people skydiving. It is important that they use teamwork while skydiving because its a dangerous activity.

I edited this photo with a ripped border to give it an older effect. I chose the black and white filter to also make it look like it was taken awhile ago. I added a blue leak and some text.

When canoeing its always easier to do it with a friend. By doing this together, it makes the canoe go faster which is good for racing.

In this edit I used hue, saturation and lightness to make the filter. I added a text and a border.

These ants are working together to lift the dead moth up. They're using teamwork and their strength to do this.

In this edit I used a red filter to make it look evil. I also used a white ripped border and a red orange and yellow leak.

In this photo the builders are using teamwork to lift up the wooden wall.

In this edit I changed the filter to a red and yellow so it makes it look more dramatic. I also added some text.

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