Keiger Tiger Investments

an original company by Haley Keiger

While the economy is growing, it is important to make sure your wallet is growing proportionally! While there are many options available and plans to keep in mind, you should always keep you investment objective and financial goal in front of you!


401(k): Don't want to work your whole life? Well we have the plan for you! This plan will be sponsored by your employer, and it will serve as a retirement savings. You will be able to save and invest a portion of each paycheck so you will ultimately have a happy retirement!

Certificate of Deposit: Tired of unstable savings account and savings plans? Embark in an ensured commitment to savings by investing in a CD! While collecting interest, you can hold your money in the bank for a fixed amount of time, or until the CD bears the maturity date.


Corporate Bonds: Not only are you temporarily helping a corporation/company, you will also be helping your wallet when you invest in a corporate bond! When purchasing a corporate bond, the company is obligated to pay back, in interest, the amount of your bond.

Municipal Bonds: Want regular interest payments? Perhaps semi-annual payments in return for one small investment? Investing in a municipal bond will not only help fund the build up of your city, but will also give you an opportunity to expand your money by interest.


Junk Bonds: If you are looking for a risky investment, that could possibly make you some money! Junk bonds are issued by a company to turn its performance around for the better.

Equity: Investing in stocks can either be very good or very bad, making it an extremely risky investment! However, with our help, we will make sure to only increase your dollars!

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