Why Naples Is One Of The Best Places To Live In Florida!

Those who are looking for a property to invest at the Western Coast popularly seek options related to real estate in Naples Florida. Located on Gulf of Mexico, the friendly community here along with endless attractions and natural beauty proves to be an incomparable magnet. This city located at Collier County boasts of a population of 20,000+ and is growing continuously. So what are the main reasons behind the interests of buyers and investors?

Stunning beaches to explore

When you want to move away from the din and bustle of city life towards something more tranquil and closer to the bounties of nature, Naples provides everything that you see. This includes more than 10 miles exclusive sandy stretches offering spectacular views and sunsets. Access to all the beaches is free with more than 44 points for reaching whatever your location be. Naturally, this proximity to Gulf of Mexico is a big attraction for everybody. If you love the waters, explore it with a variety of activities like fishing, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and boating. An expansive world of activities and adventure awaits those who are interested.

Unspoiled wildlife and greenery

Everybody wants to raise their family and live in unpolluted, pristine environments where health and good life abounds. By investing in new construction homes in Naples FL, you can enjoy this and more. You will come across beautiful flowers and lush landscapes everywhere that sustains a variety of wildlife tortoises, anhinga birds, and blue heron just to name a few. Everglades Park is just an hour's drive from the city and here you will be able to spot some amazing fishes and variety of endangered species. Here you'll find the greatest combination of modern living with idyllic tropical wilderness keeping your company.

Attractions and entertainment

There is simply no dearth of entertainment opportunities once you start to live here and there is something for the whole family to take part or indulge in. History and art museums, shopping, with a plethora of outdoor activities are waiting for you so it's no wonder that real estate in Naples is a perennial hit. Specialty shops, outdoor cafes, festivals, musical acts, public, semiprivate, and private golf courses, zoo, water activities, and botanical garden, choices abound. You will feel like a perpetual tourist in Naples with something new to explore at every corner. Good times never end once you are here.

Great weekend trip options

Come the weekend, everybody wants to relax and let go before the anticipated rigors of Monday start clouding the mind again. Here you will find the perfect opportunity to unwind by taking relaxing trips to short distance places and take the much-needed break. For example, you can visit Marco Island just half-hour drive away or Key West a trip of only five hours from the city. What's more, the weather remains conducive as the place remains insulated in the oppressive winters of the North.

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