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"The Rainbow"

In May rainbow's color,
but not the world,
I have seen the beauty of the art.
And with all reflections projected to me,
with a little dose of harmony,
change my perspective on the rhem.
If I would say who would marry me,
thou art could bring me wealth in my heart.

Musical Devices Poem

"The Wacky World"

We the wise humans,can do
many manly things. Bam! the
lemmy lemons made musical
sound. With a rachet riding cop
in the distance in intervals.

And in this magical world,
many thing joking indirectly to us
with a pinch of wackiness. We
still learn the way of a normal life.
Nothing is truly crazy.

Figurative Language Poem

"A Luna Matata"

The day starts off in a raucous way,
that I don't know if I can live this way.
The waves that sound create a herendous vibe,
that it makes the trees start to cry.
And if I wanted to do a thing,
I will terminate the noise all the time.

Now comes the moonlight shining on the window,
it is a message that the day is near.
As no sound is abound the corrner,
like a litter of paper blowing in the wind.
And as I shut my ideas in my brain,
That noise was never sounding.

Rhyme Poem

"The Drums"

When I feel down like a bum,
I always take a gander to play the drums.
It's nothing played in a cheesy way,
For no audience thinks I am dumb.
The beats of the drums are in a swirl,
That makes my body want to twirl.
And  if only is and it only be.
I can make my own song called the "Thwirl"
Sooner or later the drums grew worn,
And made my thing started to torn.
But even if the drums were touchy as a thorn,
Romance was the mind I had sewed.


"Nobody Knows Everything"

We don't  know the world,
They don't know everything there,
Only the world knows

"In Full Bloom"

The flowers in air,
tell me that spring is abound,
For all your wealth brings.


Tell me what I am
Tell me how I differ from them
For you should be better

Free-Verse Poem

"The People"

Every once a while I'll meet people,
different kinds and different types.
Their minds are colors,
and each one is unique.
I think I will see what these colors are.

Some people like the smart ones, or commonly known as nerds,
weld blue.
Some people like outgoings, or the sportive,
weld red.

As I meet some people, they turned out to be the unexpected of what I thought.
And sometimes I feel like I want to murder them
Amputated legs or off with their head.
As they are murdered by mind.

If you could just be a color,
you'll find out who you could meet.
For thinking of the mixed paint is key for you and their lives.

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