Drought and Inequity of Water Distribution

When Does It All Get Better?

Argentina: Lack of Access to Clean Water

     In Argentina, there is an extreme problem with access to clean water. The inequity of distribution is causing huge problems in more than just Argentina. This problem also effects all of South America. 77 million people lack access to clean water and 100 million lack access to sanitation.

Inequity Solves Nothing

    The inequity of clean water distribution is killing nearly half of Argentina's population. Only the wealthy residents can afford to have water pipe systems in their home, but even then, some of the rich can't have clean water.

Solutions Are The Future

    Argentina's current solution to their problem is to increase fundings to create more water pipelines that can supply homes with clean water. The problem with that solution is that the country and its residents are poor. Donations and assistance from other countries may be needed.

No One Is Safe

    The entire continent of South America is facing this water problem. That in total is about 77 million people who are simultaneously being effected by drought.

Money Is Always A Problem

    This project would cost the country over 20 million dollars to pursue. Many residents cannot have their taxes raised to help pay for the project.

Contribute To The Solution

    To help Argentina recover, you can donate money towards the new water systems, or travel there to volunteer. Many choose simply to raise awareness, hoping to help the cause.