A Trip to the Detroit of India

Chennai, the Capital of Tamil Nadu is also known as the “Detroit of India” for the amazing presence the automobile industry has here. It is not only famous for the shores of the Bay of Bengal but also for its fantastic temples and museums. The city is rich and well known for its traditional ways of living, along with the modern lifestyle too.

There are almost a thousand reasons for one to visit Chennai, from the amazing nightlife to the rich heritage. Here are the top three reasons for anyone to visit Chennai, so make sure the Tamil Nadu tour package you choose covers all of them.

1. Temples and Museums

A city rich in its cultural and religious aspects, Chennai has numerous magnificent temples and museums scattered all over the city. Chennai is very well known not only in India but also all over the globe, for its rich traditional culture. Every year, thousands of people visit Chennai just to get a feel of the age old Indian traditions and culture.

2. The Beaches

Even though the beaches of Chennai are not as renowned as the beaches on the Western Coast of India, they definitely are a crowd pleaser. The brilliant sunset view as the dusk approaches will take your breath away. This is especially true with the Marina Beach.

3. The Food

Despite the fact that Dosa, Idli and Uttapam are the most popular dishes amongst the people of Chennai, the Ponnusamys or Karaikudi are dishes vacationers would actually want to try. There also are several restaurants that serve continental food like Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Greek cuisines, in case the visitors are not too keen on trying the local delights.