by Ryan Mullen

An example of Globalization and how it has been affected by trade and technology would be the iPhone

Globalization: the process of trading with other countries and increasing relationships which impacts the lives of workers and communities and the communications between nations.

The Four Categories of Globalization

  • Economic: the process of cooperating and trading with other countries internationally resulting in better communications and relationships. Trade has benefited economies in countries that are producing then selling items that other regions of the world aren't. With trade barriers down, economies benefit from the increase in jobs and revenue. Poverty ridden nations benefit from the workers who will take a low paying job to support themselves. The economies continue to grow with globalization. One problem with this is outsourcing which is when a company decides to use foreign workers who are willing to get payed less than the workers from wealthier countries. A solution to this would be to provide other jobs for the previous workers who lost their jobs somewhere else so that they can support themselves.
  • Technological: the process of technology increasing globalization by facilitating trade and communications between countries. Trading with other nations is essential and technology has boosted the ability to do so. Countries must communicate with each other to create alliances and to also establish trading regulations. Technology is increasing the growth of globalization and as it increases it becomes more advanced. One problem with this is as it increases, technology could end up making people loose their jobs due to its advancement. A solution to this could be making technology that is humanly operated so that it still provides jobs.
  • Environmental: the process of changing or affecting the environments in areas where globalization is increasing rapidly. The environment is changing as well as globalization because of its constant rate of growth. With an increase in cars, boats, planes and many more modes of transportation, the environment is affected by pollution and other issues that globalization brings forward. Although, as technology increases there are new innovative ways to stop this pollution of the environment.
  • Cultural: the process of spreading cultural awareness to other regions of the world through trade, migration and communications. As globalization increases, people migrate to a suitable environment and their cultures are brought along. Cultural diversity is among us everywhere and migration factors into this concept. Trade impacts each culture by introducing new products and ways of living. Culture is impacted as globalization increases by migration, trade and communications. One problem of this is that some cultures and traditions are dying due to modernization. A solution could be to give awareness that cultures are still an important thing and that they are always with you.

How the iPhone affects globalization

Apple, the company that produces the iPhone, has had a major impact on globalization and how production in other countries not only creates jobs, but also saves money. The iPhone is assembled in China and the reason is because workers there are willing to create these devices for less pay than it would be to in the United States.

The natural resources that are used to make the iPhone are imported from all over the world to the factories in China to begin the assembly of the device. All of these resources, including the metals that are used to back the iPhone, are brought to China and all originate from different places, therefore creating jobs and trading methods. In places where there are more natural resources, there tends to be a higher population as well.

The locations of natural resources used to create an iPhone

The map below displays the population of China and which regions are the most dense. The population has an impact on the iPhone's production and how much the workers creating it get paid. Most of the population is centered towards the Eastern portion China where the major cities are. Climate also affects where people live because most people choose to reside in areas where they feel comfortable. Physical features, like bodies of water and fertile soil for crops, can also influence people to live in a certain place. Within these populated regions are where items like iPhones are produced.

The population of China impacts the production and the overall cost of the iPhone

This map displays the different routes that the final products embark on. The iPhone is shipped all over the world to many different countries that are willing to buy it. It starts in China where it is made and travels to places like Europe and the United States, which is where mine went. The journey from China to another country is just another part of the long process each individual product encounters. This map is important and it shows where items like the iPhone go after it is completed.

The iPhone is distributed all over the world after it is produced in China

Globalization also affects my life almost every day in both good and bad ways. Natural resources and other factors influenced my family to decide to live where I do now. A good thing about globalization that influences my life is trade. Traded goods from other countries that are brought to my country are mostly items that I need to survive and without them it would be hard to. A bad thing about globalization that influences my life is how it is affecting the environment. The pollution of transportation and factories can affect many different physical features near me which can be harmful. These good and bad things that globalization brings forward can also apply to many other people around the world. That's how globalization impacts my life and others around the world.

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