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Povert INC

Poverty Inc was an inspirational movie reflecting on the idea of blind giving. People all across America donate to organizations aimed at helping third world countries. The idea behind this is nice but the effects it has on those countries are anything but positive.

As we blindly give, we donate articles that are not necessary or maybe destructive. A good example was a shipment of Aeropostle t-shirts that came in to a country. These were handed out to everyone for free. A local business man that sells shirts is then out of business as more and more shipments of shirts come in. Why would anyone buy a shirt when they could get it for free? Another man started a solar street light business, great for the environment, and his business was growing tremendously. An earthquake hit and his business is falling apart. It is not because of the earthquake but in cause of an American company giving the same type of streetlights for barely half the price. They do this because they think it helps and it looks good to American buyers but what they don't, or maybe they do realize, is it is hurting the locals even more than before the quake.

This movie was awesome. It showed how we can help other countries grow instead of keeping them in their slumps. After natural disasters occur there are so many ways we can help the communities affected without damaging them even more like we tend to do. I hope everyone can see this movie at one point in their life to learn what they can and should not do.

The rapid expansion of oil and gas development across the nation endangers human health and the environment.

Fracking has been a giant issue in America for years now but the affects it has on communities around the area where it takes place are even more concerning. Fracking is when a company takes large amounts of sand and water to oil wells and combine that in high pressure to extract oil. As the fracking rate increases so do the cases of cancer, birth defects, contaminated water, smog, and increase in harmful gasses to the ozone. Each frack done leaves behind contaminated water and pollutants harmful to everyone near them. Companies do not seem to care as they keep fracking away. It is very harmful to our environment.

Although fracking gets out the extra oil or natural gas not easily extracted by use of ordinary measures, it does more harm than good. Scientist can find other places that have oil although tapping into those places might also harm the environment. These other places must be explored and considered as human lives are being threatened by the aftermath and pollution caused by this unnecessary oil extraction method. As said by Ms. Rodemocker, they are taking water and sand from beaches depleting those resources in order to get another. The fracking companies need to get their priorities straight and realize they are doing too much harm to the environment during their process than what is right.

Scientists Explore Options as Polar Bears Face New Threats

Scientist have recently discovered that polar bears are older than they previously thought. This new information shows that they are resilient animals who are used to surviving. Ice depletion is a big problem in the polar bear homes. Many have jumped on a bandwagon with many unique ideas. One idea is moving the polar bears or bringing them food. Some you can say are a little drastic or unreasonable but the thought behind it is genuine. Certain scientist have pointed out that if we attempted these measures for all endangered species it would just be unreasonable, not possible, so therefor unfair. Many groups of people are working together to find a solution.

The idea of moving the bears is unreasonable and as pointed out impossible. I like the idea of a trucker suggesting the dead animals he see on the side of the road would be good to feed them but then again hard to keep those fresh for the polar bears. I believe that in order to find the best idea committees must have bad ones first. I hope one day we can save the polar bears and all animals endangered because it is not right they are close to not being a thing anymore.

Created by Brian Kettering

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hey that movie sounds really good! would you recommend it?