Pea Plant Discovery.

Author:Tia Lee

Learn More About The Father Of Modern Genetics.

Johann Mendel or Gregor Mendel was a botanist/scientist.He researched about  his famous pea plant experiment.

Mendel discovered the basic fundamental of heredity.

He cross-fertilized pea plants that had obvious opposite characteristics. For example, tall with short, smooth with wrinkled,  green peas with yellow peas, etc. After examining his results,he reached two of his most important concl-usions. The Law of Segregation, if the dominant and recessive traits passed on from the parents to the offspring (child) to identify weather  a dominant or recessive offspring would come out you must use a Punnett square. A Punnett square is a diagram that shows if a seed would display such trait.

The Law of Independent Assortment is when that allele separate independently while the creation of gametes.Which traits are transferred independently of one another.

Biographical information: He was born on July 22, 1822, he died on January 6, 1884, he was born in Austria, he died in Brno,He was an Austrian monk, his nickname is The Father Of Modern Genetics because he discovered genetics/heredity, he was given the name Gregor when he entered the monastery, his full name is Gregor Johann Mendel, he was a botanist/scientist, he is originally Johann Mendel, he went to the University of Vienna and the University of Olmutz, his work only became famous 16 years after he died (1900), 34 years after it was published, Gregor did NOT get married.

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