Monacan Virginia Indians-NJMW

by: Nina Wilson


     The Monacan tribe has a pretty location on Bear mountain in Amherst County. They controlled half the land in Virginia a long time ago.

The Basics

     They mainly spoke Souian. Shelters include circular homes and wigwams. Using nature they also make baskets from honey suckle.


     Food is a necessity of life, but the Monacans sure make it delicious! The Monacans ate mainly meat, which they roasted, boiled, and broiled to eat. As a side dish, the tribe also ate boiled and\or baked vegetables, nuts, and berries. Like many other tribes, they used the three sisters (corn, beans, and squash) frequently. The tribe also stands out for its "girl power" in farming.  

Before Contact With The Settlers

     Before the English came, all tribes had a very natural way of life, and they never let the English change that. Another thing that makes the Monacans specifically stand out, is for burying the dead under mounds. Some Monacans even got a job to build mounds!   

After Contact With The Settlers

     There are still 1,400 members after contact, wow talk about sticking together! They also have their own museum with only their tribe's artifacts! The museum sits on a section of land that the Monacan tribe owns on bear mountain. Also in their obtained land there is, schools, a church, a cultural center, burial grounds, they have even more land too!


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