Our holidays in Poland

We went to Warsaw, Radom and Niekłań.

When we arrived, we first went to Warsaw the capital city of Poland.

We slept over at our granny's house for a couple days with our dad.

We had went to a lot of different places, like Copernicus Science Centre, Fiku Miku, Neptune restaurant, cinema (to see How to train your dragon 2) and Ujazdowski Park.

Then after we had slept at my granny's we went to Radom to my other granny and a couple days after my dad had to go back to work and my mum came.

With my other gran we went to some different places and got to see our family the places we went to słonecznej galerii for swimming, cinema to watch planes 2, lina park for some climbing and playing in the park and we went on a special road for bikes, skateboards and all 5 of us went on roller skates. Natalia, Julia, Dawid, Sarah and Alan   


we stayed in the country side in Niełań,we had a swimming pool,tent and some more things,we slept there for four nights with our cousins

Warsaw again

We came back to Warsaw because my mum had some thing to be done, we slept over at my aunt Alexandra/Ola and my uncle Filip house. We also went to see the opening of the Chinese garden. There were Chinese instruments playing and the Chinese Ambassador and the Polish too they said a speech and then had finished. The next day we went swimming next to the Vistula River.

Radom again

We came back to Radom and when we came back my cousin had a gift for us and we had a gift for him. He gave us obsidian.

and what we gave him was 'Fineti' wafer sticks with a hazelnut filling and a rubber.

Niekłań again

We came back to Niekłań, we again had the swimming, tent and other things

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