Martin Luther


Martin Luther was born in Germany on November 10 1483 and he died on February 18 1546. He was a German monk, a catholic priest, theologian and a professor. He was married to Katharina Von Bora. He had 6 children named: Hans, Elisabeth, Magdalene, Martin, Paul, and Margarethe. Martin Luther's parents were Hans Luther and Margarethe Luther. At age 19 he went to the university of Erfurt.

He taught to trust in Jesus , do good work and trust in bible. Later he criticized to pope for selling indulgences, and as a result he was excommunicated from the church. In 1520 he published three work spelling out hid understanding of Christianity. He translated the new and old testaments into German. He nailed the 95 thesis to the church door. He had done that to show that the church was corrupt.

As a result some of his followers broke off from the Catholic church and started Lutheran church. This church helped revive Christian religion and faith Martin Luther made the bible available to the people. The reformation spurred on by men like Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli, led to the formation of a new approach to religion called Protestant. He stopped the church from selling indulgence and now people don't have to worry about paying the church money.

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