Levals of organization

Cells: These are the basic building blocks of life. Cells are specialized by the shape and size and the job that they do.

Example: There shape depends on how it moves.

Example: they work together to preform speshall functions to help you live.

Example cells make other cells.

Tissues: They are made up by a collection of cells and they work together to do a specific job in the body.

Example: Bicep

Example: Tricep

Example: hamstring

Organs: Made of two or more tissue that helps do a specific job in the body.

Example: Brain

Example: lungs

Example: Liver

Organ system: A collection of organs working together to do a job.

Example: respitory system

Example: Digestive system

Example: Urinary system

Organisms: Any living thing.

Example: Cat

Example: Dog

Example: Human

Population: The same organisms living in the same area.

Example: town

Example: group of fish

Example: Ants

Ecosystem: Population living together in one area.

Example: Artic

Example: Rain forest

Example: Desert


Each level works together because if you didn't have the cells then the next level wouldn't work and so on. But they work together by putting each level together to make the next. If any piece of the level was missing than it could not go on because of the "helping each other out" thing.