Atmosphere-By: Cooper Felton

1-It protects us form the Solar Wind form the SUN!

The solar wind is very powerful and could fry the whole earth but thanks to our atmosphere is blocks it off.  Solar Wind are like explosions on the Sun then wind blown into space.

2-The air pressure decreases as you go up.

For example when that guy went into space his hand expanded if the air increased his hand would be crushed.  But the air down on land it's just right.

3-It protects us from METEORS!

The Mesosphere causes the meteors to basically disinagrate before they even get close to earth.  The friction causes the space rock to get smaller and smaller and by the time it gets to earth it's nothing.

4-The different jobs of the atmosphere

Each as a different job to do- Troposphere is in charge for taking in and keeping in the right amount of heat in. Stratosphere protects us from the Sun. Mesosphere protects us from meteors and the Thermosphere takes most of the Sun's radiation in.

5-Different gases in the atmosphere

Nitrogen takes up the most of our atmosphere approximitly 78.08%. Next is Oxygen which takes up about 20.95% of our atmosphere.  Argon takes only about 0.93% and the rest is lots of other gases that are just barely in our atmosphere.


As you go higher it starts out cold them warmer and then cold again and then HOT! It is hotter at the top because that layer is the closest to the Sun.

7-The Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect is when heat comes into earth then try's to escape but then is bounced back into earth.  If the heat would escape it would be much colder than it usually is.

8-What splits up the different layers of the atmosphere

Even though they all may have different gases the thing that splits them up is actually TEMPATURE. It starts warm *split* cold warm *split* warm *split* HOT.

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