College project #ACESL

1.Letter of Intent

2.Embedded Video

3.College Application:

4.Letter of recommendation

5.Presentation / Presi

6.FAFSA Form (Paper Copy)

Letter of Intent

Dear, Stanford University

I am Luis Cabrera and I welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal to acquire a place in Stanford University with the reason for take one of the best education that U.S can bring me, that can be staring in this College.

I interest in law, I doesn't have at all experience in law cause in this moments I'm a freshman but in the future of my next years in High School I've taking programs to give the best as I can to get a place in Stanford University.

In addition to demonstrated that I'm a current student I'm giving my GPA that it is of 84.5 and I'll to spent 3 years of my High School to programs of law and since done my High School I will to spent two years before start studying in the College that in this case I want to go Stanford if the managers can bring me the opportunity of be one of the students of one of the best College in the U.S or many the best.

Letter Recommendation

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