5K Homework 22nd May

Create illustrations for your Eggy Bond adventure story. You need to have at least one illustration for each chapter. It is up to you how you create the illustrations. You can draw them by hand, then take a photo and put them into your slides.
You could also decorate a real egg as Eggy Bond (best to hard boil it first!), then take photos of it in action poses, perhaps you could use a green screen to create even more eggciting pictures!

Or have another go at creating a digital Eggy Bond, like the one that Mr Dykes created on sketch up.....

Remember to add pictures of your creations to your slide show so they are ready to share with our year 2 buddies!
Fancy a challenge? Could you put your slide show into an e book ready to share?

Reading- An activity from the reading choice board, there have been some great ones so far!

Maths- I have set you some mathletics activities to complete.

If you did not finish your parachute investigation write up this needs to be finished!

Have a good weekend :-)