Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travel Adventures

What’s your definition of "ultimate adventure"? Whether you get an adrenaline rush just thinking about it or tremble at the thought of something more daring than Korean food for dinner, Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Adventureshas bold ideas for you. This new book lists — you guessed it — 1000 ideas to inspire you, covering every continent and nearly every activity you can think of. To help you start ticking off your list of amazing journeys and unforgettable experiences, I've narrowed down the pickings into themes based on some of the latest travel trends. Let's go!


If trekking is your thing, the world is your trailhead. Gear up and hit the spectacular Milford Track, 33 miles (53.5 km) across the fjords, valleys, and waterfalls of New Zealand’s South Island.

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On the US's West Coast, the Pacific Crest Trail's 2650 miles cross three US states and seven national parks, including Yosemite.

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Beneath your feet, stalagmites, ancient paintings, and glowworms await in caves from Mexico's Cenote dos Ojos to the UK's Peak Cavern.

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On two wheels? Careen down the joint-jarring tracks in Whistler, Canada (pictured below), or Marin County, CA, the birthplace of mountain biking.

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Got four? Buckle your seat belt and take a drive . . . of your life. Pakistan's Karakoram Highway follows the old Silk Road for 745 miles of potholes, landslides, vertical drops, and bandits, while Norway's Troll's Road slithers through a netherworld of rugged granite and fairy-tale cascades.

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Or let someone else drive as you “capture” wildlife on a photographic African safari.

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Even timid swimmers can have fun splashing around . . . in a cage surrounded by great white sharks or crocodiles in Australia, of course.

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Or, ease into the water on some of the world's best surf breaks for beginners, like Morocco's Banana Beach or Puerto Rico's Playa Jobos. Or ,snorkel or dive Iceland's crystal-clear Silfra rift (pictured below) between the European and American continents where visibility runs up to 100 meters — but don't forget your dry suit, it's chilly down there.

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If you prefer to stay above water, paddling in paradise is on offer in Fiji, whose Yasawa Islands — envision Blue Lagoon beaches, gleaming waters, teeming coral reefs, timeless village life — may have been created by a god who fancied kayaking.

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Farther north, row through more than 5000 granite and gneiss islands in Sweden's Bohuslän archipelago, pulling ashore in small fishing villages for oysters and Champagne.

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Effortless water adventure means someone else is captain, perhaps aboard a junk cruise in Vietnam’s Halong Bay, where 2000+ islands rise from emerald waters like mythical monsters.

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Dawn spreads its buttery light over rocky cliffs, and the valleys roll out in ruptured waves as your hot-air balloon lifts gently off the ground and soars over Cappadocia, Turkey.