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The University of Texas at El Paso is a four-year state University. It was funded in 1914 as the State School of Mines and Metallurgy. In 1920, it was renamed the College of Mines and Metallurgy of the University of Texas and became It became Texas Western College of the University of Texas in 1949. It was given its present name in 1967. UTEP has a unique architecture called Bhutanese and is the Univesity with the most Mexican-American Population of 70%.

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Admission Requirements

Admissions Data (2013):

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 100%
  • GPA, SAT and ACT graph for UTEP
  • Test Scores -- 25th / 75th Percentile
    • SAT Critical Reading: 390 / 500
    • SAT Math: 420 / 530
    • SAT Writing: -/-
    • ACT Composite: 17 / 22
    • ACT English: 15 / 21
    • ACT Math: 17 / 23

Degree Plan

PROGRAM: Ph.D. in Psychology (General)



MAJOR: General Psychology

CONCENTRATION: Health Psychology/PHD

PhD in General Psychology Core

All courses listed within this degree area require a grade of C or better for successful completion.

Required Courses

-PSYC 6307

-PSYC 6308

-PSYC 6334

-PSYC 6380

-PSYC 6381

-PSYC 6395

-PSYC 6396

-PSYC 6396

-PSYC 6399

Breadth Courses(Select three courses from PSYC 5330, 5371, 5372, 5374, 5376)

-PSYC 6330

-PSYC 6371

-PSYC 6372

-PSYC 6374

-PSYC 6376

Research Methods Course(Complete PSYC 6331; an alternate research methods course approved by advisor may be substituted)

-PSYC 6331

Student Life: Orange Fridays

Students and Faculty all wear the color orange to show pride for their school.


Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is without the out-most force or displeasure that I wrote this letter to you to emphasize how well Ms.Rojas will be to your liking at your University. My relationship with Ms.Rojas has always been very professional and graceful, as I am her 9th grade teacher for English. Through out the entire year Ms.Rojas has shown exceptional progress in creativity, determination, and knowledge to surpass even the most difficult of assignments.

Ms.Rojas has improved in all the three categorizes listed above. She also has improved her will to collaborate with other students to make the best possible outcome. As I view her tasks completed she has matured to pass my expectations. Ms.Rojas’s vocabulary is the volume of a classroom and uses it to her advantage. I have tried to test out her patience with putting her in groups of unfavorable intelligence with only and always being shown that she can take on any challenges and even does so with the best intentions to help the other students. Furthermore Ms.Rojas’s best asset is her maturity that can not be tainted by the ignorance of the more to high school life 9th graders.

In summation Ms.Rojas would love to attend your university with the mindset that all of her abilities will be challenged to the fairest point. This may be the case but I am certain that she will stand out and you shall be proud of her like I am. If you wish for anymore information please feel free to contact me at or by phone; (915) 794-639.

With much gratefulness,

Ariadna Venegas

Liberal Arts Department

AP English Teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

El Paso, TX 79938

Tel: (915) 794-639




Abigail Rojas

65345 Maple Rd. El Paso, TX 79938
Phone: (876)765-6543 E-Mail:


I have been in the psychology field for a considerable amount of time. I recently acquired my doctorate because I felt the need to improve my knowledge and to be able to help my patients in a more efficient way.


Divorce Counseling 7/2/22-4/26/26

-I worked as a divorce counselor in a well-respected office. This position gave me  experience working with people who often argued amongst each other. It taught me the ability of remaining neutral in any argument between my clients.

- I became very professional and never had a complaint from any of my clients.

School Counselor 5/1/26-7/5/33

- Working as a school counselor allowed me to work with children. I learned how to speak with them in a manner that pushed them to trust me.

- I learned to work in a group as well as handling responsibilities on my own.


Bachelors in Psychology 8/8/18-6/1/22

I attended the University of Texas at El Paso and completed my Bachelors degree in psychology.

Doctorate in Psychiatry 8/16/28-5/30/34

Because I wanted to further my education, I enrolled in the University of Texas at El Paso once again and completed my Doctorate in Psychiatry.


§ Formidable Leadership Skills

§ Able to maintain neutrality when in an argument

§ Professional

§ Efficient

§ Experience with handling people of all ages

§ Able to work well in a tense environment

§ Ability to think clearly in dire situations

§ Organized

§ Patient and Calm

Cover Letter

Lillian Venegas

Family Counseling Offices

18736 Maple Rd.

May 19, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I am applying for the position of psychiatrist at Family Counseling Offices.

I understand that in order to have a chance at acquiring this position, a particular set of skills are required. I work well in a tense environment, and am capable of maintaining calm in the worst of situations. My previous jobs gave me the experience with children that this position requires. A few years ago, I acquired my doctorate in psychiatry after working as a psychologist for about two years. In all of the family cases that I handled prior to my application I was able to maintain a completely professional relationship with my clients. All of the family cases I handled were successful in the end due to my ability to remain neutral in all affairs.

I hope that I am considered a prospect for this position and that I soon hear from you for an interview. I believe my experience would be greatly beneficial to your offices and its patients. The main reason I hope to acquire this particular position is to heal the rifts that many families have. Family Counseling is a noble position that gives people the chance to lead a joyful family life.


Abigail Rojas

14235 Oak Rd.

(877)654-8765 (h)

(877)543-2344 (c)

Persuasive Essay

I have always been a bit of an odd child. My mother has told me many stories of how i was as a toddler and a baby. All of those stories are completely different than what anyone would expect of a childhood story. While most children would splash and cover themselves in mud when sat on it, I would simply sit there calmly drawing shapes on it. I never crawled, preferring to walk first instead. I was simply a very calm child. To this day, I have never been completely orthodox. The most accurate way to describe me would be that I am very calm and mature, more so than any other person my age. I have always had a knack for giving advice. As I grew up, my friends would constantly speak to me about their emotional problems and I always did my best to fix their issues with words. Eventually, I began to notice that I was great at helping people feel better. That is when I realized that I wanted to be a psychiatrist.

Since elementary school, I have always excelled academically. I have never had any disciplinary problems. The only trips I ever took to the office were for the sole purpose of delivering something. Although I have always been a quiet person, I know when and how to have a conversation and/ or speak in front of a crowd. I mostly listen however, because I believe that I learn more about people that way. My most important value is respect. Without respect, a person is nothing and has nothing. If you treat everyone respectfully, you will be considered a great person. Professionalism and efficiency are two of the most vital qualities that a person needs to be successful. Without either of those, a workplace would not run smoothly. In order to help others with their emotional problems, one has to be serene and rational. I, fortunately, am in possession of those traits. Being able to help people has always been a vastly important part of the reason why I aspire to be a psychiatrist. It is a career that allows me to expand my skills on something that I have always done best, which is helping others work through their issues.

I believe that I would be a great asset to this University. My desire to learn will surely be beneficial to the program. I am completely dedicated to my future and will work beyond my limits to reach my goals.

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