Combat engineer

By Roberto Navarro

For my career I chose Combat engineer.

A combat engineer can fix tanks,attack helicopters. A combat engineer also gets access to many weapons like LMG's, carbines, assault rifles, rocket lanchers and more. They also get the chance to travel around the world, and see and do things other people might not do in their life.

There are 7 main things you must know to be a combat engineer.You must be good at math,have an interest in technology,have great communication skills,good presentation skills,leader ship and management skills,patience's, and athletic skills.   

To become a combat engineer you need to take a 14 week of station unit training.One part of this is being in a class room and the other is being in the field with on the job instructions.

Combat engineers make an average of  51,352 a year.I expect to earn 150,000,because i will be there for 3 years.

It is very difficult for some one to get this job,even if the person if ready for it. This career can have a long future, but its not recommended to stay in it for more then 5 years.

Some benefits about this job are that you get to learn and see things not every one will be able to get and more.

Other similar careers can be found through the army,navy,airforce,etc like support,combat medic,recon and much more.

What interested me in this job is that I'm able to do and see things that happen only once in a life time.

 I think I am fit for this job because I'm athletic, smart, and good at leading.

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