Nicole Baxter S&E Marketing Final

Topic One: Evaluate Movie Poster

The movie poster for Disney's Brave completes all three main strategies for a movie poster to do. The poster draws attention with the large bold text at the top and dark colors contrasting with the pops of light making a path leading up to Merida, who also has bright hair. It also draws attention by being a gloomier looking Disney poster when most people are used to the average bright posters. Most Disney princesses are known for being cheerful with vivid colors, where as this one is the exact opposite. An idea of the movie is given by saying "Change your fate" and the large bow and arrow, but it doesn't give too much of the movie away at the same time.

Topic Two: Entertainment News Story

Disney just announced their new iTunes based service that is like a digital movie locker you can access at any time with your Apple device. The service works by collecting your online and store bought Disney movies so you have a personal movie collection right on your phone. Making this service will most likely increase the sales of movies because if you really want to watch, say, Peter Pan, you have the ability to buy it in that moment and have it right on your phone and saved on your profile so you can access it from other Apple devices as well. Disney is also working with other platforms as well such as Android to make the service available to more people. To get the movie on your phone through a store bought movie will require a digital download code from inside the movie case.

Topic Three: Evaluate Two Upcoming Movies

Two movies coming out soon are Mr. Peabody and Sherman and 300: Rise Of An Empire. Mr. Peabody and Sherman is a children's movie about a brilliant talking dog (Mr. Peabody) and his adoptive son (Sherman) who travel back in time using Peabody's WABAC machine to experience some of the world's greatest moments first hand. The two end up having to repair the timeline of history and save the future as they know it. The other movie, 300: Rise of and Empire, is a sequel/prequel to the 300 movie, but this movie is more about Themistocles, a navy general also trying to take down the Persians led by mortal-turned-God Xerxes. The movie takes place at about the same time as 300 (480–479 BC), but now takes place in water instead of on land. The film will also cover some of the back story of Xerxes, and will explain how he became "the God King".

The film that would make sense to have merchandise for is Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Being a children's movie, the kids who go see the movie will most likely want a Mr. Peabody plush toy to play with themselves. They could also sell small figurines of the two main characters with a little WABAC machine so they could set up their own time traveling adventures with the characters. Not just direct merchandising could be made though. Pillow cases, plates, clocks, ect. with the characters on it could also be sold for maximum profit.

300: Rise of an Empire, on the other hand, wouldn't make too much sense to have merchandise for. The intended audience is most likely adults or more mature people, and adults usually aren't so into buying movie merchandise. Merchandise that would even make sense to go along with the movie would be fake armor and swords, possibly toy model ships.

Topic Four: Amusement Park Website

Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio is a popular park known mainly for having many extreme thrill rides. The reason I chose to evaluate this website is because I have never been on the website or to the park itself, so it's actually my first impression. When you first go on the website, the bright colors and faces of people having fun are what first greet you.

The first picture scrolling is a beautiful photo showing most of the park which is surrounded by beautiful beaches and water. It also shows the low ticket price so you know right away that this park is not just thrilling, but affordable too. The text box mentions the "world class" overnight accommodations they provide in and around the park so that people. Right when you enter the website, you get a feel of fun, but at a reasonable price as well.

When you are looking through your tabs, you see a long title that starts with "Roller Coaster Capital", so you almost have to read on to see what else they are. When you hover over the tab, you see the truth: not only are they the coaster capital, they are also the "Best amusement park" but not just in Ohio, or even in America, but the best park in the whole world. This is also advertised below the part of the page with the pictures and text.

Looking at the ticket prices, the first thing that pops up is their season pass. Only six payments of $20 doesn't seem as bad as saying one payment of $120 per pass. The low advertised price draws people in, people who probably want to go there with friends or family, who will also need a season pass.

The price for a single day for an adult is $49.99, but if you come two days (most likely using their "world class accommodations" overnight) you only have to spend $38 extra, a bargain compared to two separate one-day tickets. The low combined price with the "world class" accommodations draws people, especially parents, in. And everyone knows what staying longer means. Extras money spent there. Whether it be on food, extra entertainment, or buying the "Fast Pass" which allows you to skip right to the front of the lines for every ride.

This place obviously prides themselves on the Millennium Force roller coaster, saying that it is the "best steel coaster on the planet", which is probably also their unique selling proposition. This is the first thing that pops up when you go to the "Things To Do" tab, so they REALLY want to make it known that they have the best coasters avalible.

The only real complaint I could hear someone say is that they only have three water rides, all being aggressive or high thrill. None of the rides seem too appropriate for kids or family rides. Overall, the park seems to appeal to people with bright colors, entertainment, and thrilling rides for a people of all ages.

Topic Five: Artists Without Labels

Artists going into the business of music without the help of a major label know that without the label, they will have a much harder time making it as big as other artists do. Major labels have practically as much money or resources that they will ever need, where as independent labels don't have too much or either. The upside to an independent labels include better contracts and making more money, major labels are well known for screwing over the people that sign with them. Getting known in a bigger area is much harder with independent labels, so the artists will have to work a lot in order to make it to be popular and well-known. Some of my personal favorite bands are signed by independent labels and they still made it big, so it is not impossible by any means.

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