The Gardener by S. A. Bodeen

                                Jesus Alvarado | May 18, 2015

Before reading The gardener, I thought people were going to get infected with a green virus.

Evolution is a change in heritable e traits. In the gardener, evolution is important because it takes place in a species over time.

Heterotroph is a organism that cannot fix carbon. In The Gardener, they talk about Heterotrophs because it is a self feeding process.

Photosynthesis is a process used by plant and other organism to convert light energy. Photosynthesis is important in The Gardener because organisms have to get their nutrients from other organisms.

Autotrophs are an organism that produces complex. Autotrophs are important in the gardener because organisms can turn Autotrophic.

she wakes up when the dvd passes that one part because every kid that is there has own story that makes them sleep and a part that makes them awake.

the father is the gardener because mason went to his office and he listened to the voice and it sounded like the voice of his dad from the video.

I think human experimentation is wrong because the experiment can go wrong and kill the human and that will be a crime.

Climate change - is a change in global. The problem with it is rising sea level to floods.

food crisis - rate of hunger and malnutrition rise. It is a problem because without anything people will die one by one.

The dear future generation sorry was like the gardener because both were like empty deserts and trapped with nothing left at all the beauty was gone.

In the gardener S.A Bodeen and deer future generation sorry by price E.A the authors discuss the seventh generations principle at it affects the environment.

The Karner blue is a blue butterfly it lives in a place called Lupines problem is there habitats are getting destroyed.

The Karner blue is important because its a symbol to all the ones who have it.

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