Joining the agreeable with the useful

Nowadays, an important debate happens. The question is: should students be allowed to use cell phones in class? For me, electronics are totally useful in this environment. First, if we are preparing our students for life after school, we should allow them to use these kinds of tools that they will use, for sure, when they get their jobs. These advices are becoming more advanced every day, and the modern technology is something which our students need to know. Second, they need cell phones in case of emergencies and need to be in contact with their families, especially. Third, in spite of we know that the usage of electronics is overly intense sometimes by some students; we could teach them how to use it properly, and make them to invest the same energy which they spend in social networks for studying and researching. Therefore, this is the best way to join the agreeable with the useful and bring great advances for the humanity in the future.