Football study guide

Bay View Middle School 2014


***11 players are on the field per team ***


Touchdown - When the offensive or defensive player carries the ball across the goal line.

Extra point - When you kick the ball through the goal post after a touchdown.

Field goal - When you kick the ball through the goal post which scoring a touchdown. This is worth 3 points.

Safety - Tackling/pulling the flag of someone from the other team behind their own goal line.

Line of Scrimmage - Where the ball is placed and each team must be on their side to start

Fumble - Occurs when a player has position of the ball and then drops it

Interception - Occurs when the ball is caught from a member of the opposing team

Football field is 100 yards long (120 if you count the end zones)


When the quarterback gets the ball, they have three options.

- They can run the ball themselves

- They can hand it off to another teammate

- They can pass (throw) the ball

Below are the running routes that are taught in class.

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