Visit Concan, nestled in the Texas Hill Country, located on the banks of the magnificent Frio River. You don't want to be the only one that hasn't come here, do you?

Fun Facts

Concan is in Uvalde County

8 miles south of Garner State Park

People come to Concan to hunt sometimes

Bend Duncan was the first person to settle in Concan

Besides tubing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, hunting, and numerous other activities, you can enjoy bird watching and photography


In Concan, there are no hotels. So, where do you stay? In places called rent houses.

You can get houses for $100 a night or $2500 a night. The bigger a house, the more money it costs.


Concan has very good food, here are the links to some of the restaurants.

Concan even has it's own trolley.

Things to do

There is a bat cave not far from Concan. It's one of the largest caves in the world. Roughly 2 to 10 Mexican Free-tailed bats fly out of the cave every night. For more info click here.

Garner State Park

You can even take a day trip to Garner State Park. It's about an hour from Concan.

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