Internet safety

By Mack

I am Mack and I am going to tell you how to stay safe online.

First: If someone (text,email,sends you a messages you)and you don't know them don't send something back.

Second: Don't download something off a site if your parents don't OK it. Because it might be a virus and you can't tell but if you ask your parents it could save you from getting in trouble.

Third: If someone is bullying you online tell an adult right away.Examples: you are a loser,i am going to beat you up not jokeingly.

Fourth: if your parents say not to go on certain websites or not to have certain apps on your phone or other mobile device don't because it could be harmful to you your computer or your mobile device.

Fifth: Don't have drinks or food by the computer or really any electronic thing so that it won't stop working and so you don't have to get a new one.

Sources: My brain.

                         BE A WINNER BE SAFE ONLINE:)

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