presentation techniques

Today in hamlet it feels like 62* mostly cloudy humidity 78% precipitation 0%. In japan chances of rain 100* and it is 50*....humidity 97% . in Italy its mostly sunny and 70* precipitation 0% humidity 56%.

Google Guitar

You look up elgoog and then click "Google guitar"

its strings that form the word Google and they make noises like a guitar.

Google Pac Man

You look up elgoog and then click "google Pac Man"

Its a game just like pac man but its shaped in the word of google

Google A Day

a google a day was about history

The questions were... by what moniker is the controversial, proposed high-speed rail system between London and Birmingham commonly known? HS2

Whose death did the commander of the Confederate forces say was like "losing my right arm"? stonewall jackson

What tactics did Germany use in France, forcing a desperate British withdrawal at Dunkirk? blitzkrieg


I didn't used to know a lot about presentation but know i know that presentation isn't just about slide shows. you also can do self serve where you can teach yourself. Like the other day we looked up song lyrics to teach ourselves the song then we had to white out some of the words and fill them back i to show we learned the song. There are many more techniques like rolling script, continuous loop, hard copy etc.