Madisyn Pruetz October PE Project   

Uncle Bens Recipe

Option #15- 5 points

Football Tutorial

Option #10- 1 point

I made a video about how to throw a football.

Attend the dance: Say Boo to Bullying

Option #14- 2 points

  • Got checked off by Ms. Bloemer

Visit Park

Option #6- 2 points

The park we are going to is a very large park. It's 4 different parks on one black top area. The park is very large. You can play many games on this park. It even has a swing set for handicap people. But for baby's they have small slides, baby swings, and even short playgrounds. They have about 7 swings. Which is once for groups of people. But what is most cool is the biggest playground in the middle. It has a fireman's  pole, three big slides, monkey bars, a bridge, and even a spiderweb climbing wall. The whole ares is really nice and really big. But if you bring a ball you can play on the soccer or baseball fields right next to it. Or even on the large blacktop area. In conclusion I think this park is great for children of all ages and everyone can have fun at this park.

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