"Ohio" by Neil Young

Matthew, Austin, Brent


It is unclear whether the soldiers were given the order to shoot, or merely fired on their own accord. No one was ever held responsible for the deaths of the four students.


"Four dead in Ohio" is repeated many times at the end of the song. This repetition combined with the last thing the audience hears from the song helps embed the event into the audience's mind.


The words" Four dead in Ohio" along with the music at that time, which is quieter and unison with the lyrics which gives a very steady beat to the blunt lyrics of what happened.


The song is about the protest at Kent State where the National Guard was called to help settle the crowd. Some of the National Guardsmen fired into the crowd, as many as 67 shots, killing four and wounding nine others.


Tone of the lyrics are shameful and disgusted. Tone of the music is reflexive and inquisitive.

Start at 2:10.

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