Samah Alwan

Mama penguin and baby penguin

A penguin is a bird. They live in Antarctica and on many different islands off the coast.
They eat fish and krill. They don't drink water, but eat snow. They have a glad in their nose that takes the salt out of the ocean water that they swallow when they catch fish.
Their head is all black with a white ring around their eye. They have long tail feathers that drag on the ground when they walk. They have a white belly and a black back. Feathers cover most of the short beak. They weigh about 8 or 9 pounds.
They are about 24 inches tall. The male penguin takes care of the egg. They build nests of stones, and will fight over the best rocks. They are powerful swimmers. They can jump straight out of the water onto the land. They love to sled down icey hills on their bellies. They are very playful. Baby Adelie penguins grow the fastest of all penguins. Leopard seals are their biggest enemy.‎.
Penguins are very interesting birds, and they have a long history behind them that is more than 60 million years old. Over the course of time they adapted to their new environment and spent more time in the water than on land.

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