Congress (The Legislative Branch)

U.S. Senate (Of Michigan)

Job Description


1. the constitution states that the vice-president shall be the presiding officer of the Senate. The title of presiding officer is President of the Senate.

2. They may only recognize members to speak on the Senate floor. They are to recognize the firsts person to rise.

3 they may only vote to break a tie.


1.They fill in as presiding officer when the VP is not present.

2. They are elected by senate.

3. They are 3rd in line to become President of the Unites States under the President Succession Act of 1947.


1. Most powerful person in the Senate. The majority leader is selected by the party conference (caucus).

2. Sets the agenda for the senate- decides when a bill will be brought to the floor for debate.

3. Has great influence over committee assignments and selection of committee chairmen.

4. Must work closely with Minority leader because of needed/necessary Unanimous Consent Agreements.


1. Both the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties have WHIPS to assist them.

2. Find out how members of their party vote on a bill before the House.

Benefits and Privleges

  • Franking privilege: Allow members to send official mail using his/her signature instead of a stamp.
  • Immunity: this means that senators and representative have freedom from arrest while conducting congressional business.
  • Library of Congress: World's largest library that provides detailed information to members of Congress on a variety of topics.
  • Health Benefits: Can choose from ten different health plans, your own pharmacy, doctors and nurses at a clinic located between the House and Senate.
  • travel accounts
  • free dining options
  • House allowance

Office                                         Salary
President                                   $  94,437
President Pro Tempore                $  86,165
Minority Leader                           $ 86,165
Majority Floor Leader                   $81,163
Assistant Minority Leader             $78,668

Majority Whip                              $76,169
Minority Whip                              $71,173

Assistant Minority Whip               $63,381
Member                                      $60,584

Term and Qualification

  • There are one-hundred senators: two for each state.
  • Each member is elected by the voters of the entire state ( see 17th amendment).
  • Each member is elected for six years.
  • Members can be re-elected as many times as the voters oblige.
  • Must be 30 years or older
  • A citizen for 9 years or more
  • A resident of the state he/she represents for 9 years or more
The nonpartisan Human Resource Unit located in the Finance Department, serves the HR needs of all Senate offices. The HR Department can be contacted at: P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536 or (517) 373-2710.

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