Habiba Abubakar - EAP Accepts No Financial Donations

Habiba Abubakar is passionate about what she does, as well as the many people she has the opportunity to do it for on a daily basis. A notable Abuja philanthropist and long-time owner and leader of the Foundation for Elderly and the Poor, Abubakar would prefer no other role than the one she enjoys to this day, which is to be a constant source of compassionate and dedicated service to Nigeria’s impoverished community.

A professional of honesty, integrity and passion, Habiba Abubakar wants nothing more than to maintain and uphold the integrity of the EAP organization, the reason why she refuses to accept any sort of outside monetary donation, regardless of whether it’s from a private organization, a public entity or an individual. As manager and leader of the charity, Abubakar stays true to the premise that outside influence has the ability to corrupt, something she refuses to let happen to one of the best resources of services and support in the local charitable community.

Hajia Habiba Abubakar is passionate about her organization and about the cause of helping people. She continues to be the sole financier behind the EAP organization, and hopes to oversee the success of the EAP well into the future.

Though Abubakar doesn’t accept financial donations of any kind, she is more than willing to suggest a few simple ways aspiring contributors can help the foundation’s cause. As she knows, sometimes it’s the little things, such as treating a poor family to a meal or helping to clean a disabled person’s house, that can make the most difference in a person’s life.

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