hacKSU Tackk Challenge #1:

{Understand the Purpose of Tackk}


For this challenge you will be expected to create a Tackk about anything tech related that you want to share with your fellow hackers. Try to be as creative as possible! Show Jenn and I (Haley), how well you can utilize the tools that Tackk gives you to work with. I have already given you plenty of examples that you can find on the @hacKSU Tackkboard.

{Top Three Most Important Rules}


2. Include these tag lines in your Tackk: #KSU #KentHackersTackk and most IMPORTANTLY #hacKSUChallengeOne

3. Share your Tackk on at least two other social networking sites or copy and paste the specific Tackk URL given to you.

{Get Crazy Creative with Tackk}

+Now it's time for you to brainstorm a CRAZY and CREATIVE idea to benefit members of hacKSU and help the Tackk start-up grow!
+If you accept this challenge, there's a chance you could win some awesome SWAG.

{HacKSU Tackk Due Date}

December 2nd

+On December 2nd, we will review each submitted Tackk.
+On December 3rd, we will announce the top two winners and hand out swag to them.
+First place gets all three swag items.
+Second place gets one swag item.