Why I like to dance

I Love Dance Because...

I have been dancing since I was 3 or 4 years old, I have always loved it sense. I switched dance studios a lot, it was ether that I was getting to old for it or I bid not like or if it was to many people and that is was to hard. But dance is special to me because I always thought I was good at it people would always look my way when they where lost on what to do. Also I always thought that I got better ever day.

My dance studio

I dance at stars unlimited. I think it is a really good dance studio there is not a lot of people but that is good thing, that mean that you get teach very well. Stars unlimited is also not the biggest dance studio but there is a TV and you can watch people dance from the waiting room because there is a camera in the dance room so the people that are not in the dance room can watch you. So I regimented Stars unlimited if you are looking for a dance studio.

What I do

I do  hip-hop and jazz. hip-hop is fun because there so much to do like last week we did a little competition for kit-cats  so we did the coffee grind headstands and more.In jazz there is a lot of people but we do are kick routine then we do are dance. I think jazz and hip-hop is amazing I think you should try it.

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