By: Graham McNamee

I made a book trailer for this book...

Characters in Acceleration


He is a 17 years old boy who works in the Toronto Subway lost and found during the summer and got arrested two times with his friend Wayne (in the picture below) and they did community work together also.


Wayne is also 17 and doesn't have a work in the summer and know about all that is going on but he is not helpful at all.


Vinny is 17 and also have a job in the Toronto subway during the summer and he knows about the diary and he helps a little bit more helpful than Wayne in my opinion for Duncan find the serial killer and search more about him.


Roach is the serial killer who wrote the diary that was founded in the subway and looks like he doesn't like his family and have a sad and alone life finding people to follow and trying to kill them


Kim is Duncan's girlfriend and she is in a basketball team and she also have a job working with homeless children. She have no idea that Duncan founded a serial killer  diary.

Duncan's mom

Duncan's mom looks really smart and looks like she cares about Duncan feelings a lot because in the book when he looks different she knows. Like Kim she have no idea that her son founded a serial killer diary.


Cherry is one of the serial killer possible victims and she was the girl that he was following and describing along the diary.


Jacob  is the subway supervisor and play pro miniature golf is his strength. He have a dead wife and probably when he was with her he was more happy than he is now.

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