Courtney Brown

Her Life Story Of Bulling.

Courtney Brown as a 17 year old girl who lived in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. She died from suicide on March 30th 2011. All her life she was happy and loved everything until she became depressed after the boy named Jordan she wanted to marry died in a car accident.One night her parents were out having dinner on a Wednesday night when they got a text from Courtney saying "I hope I am dead when you get home." She sent that text right after she had smoked and then began to hang herself. Her parents rushed home. Her father rushed in the house that night and opened the basement door. He saw Courtney hanging at the bottom of the stairs. He sat there sobbing as her mother Sharon called 911. Her father cut her down and began to preform CPR but it was no used his daughter was dead. She had no life left in her.

Before this she was bullied and not only did the death of the guy she adored push her to suicide but the bulling that had happened to her. She got nasty posts about her on Facebook and rumors and her and her boyfriend. Sometimes Courtney would pretend to be sick and stay home from school to stay away from everyone. She told her principle she wanted to die so her parents began to get her counseling.

My feelings on this is very harsh. She went through so much and had a very hard time. Not only with a death but also with bullies. I feel really bad for her because no one should be treated like that. She choose the worst way to die with her parents not being there and smoking before. She could have blocked it out and thought about the good things. She choose not to go out for dinner witch was her worst choice.

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