Victoria Leigh Soto

Hailey R and Alyssa M

The Story

Victoria Soto, 27, is a great hero to many children at Sandy Hook Elementary, and people who have heard her story. She loved teaching with a great passion and she also loved her students a lot. On December 14th, 2012, there was a massive shooting at Sandy Hook. The gunman shot twenty innocent children and six staff members at the school. Victoria Soto was one of the victims on this tragic day. But Victoria was a brave person and contributed a lot in her last few moments.

Her Contributions To The Incident

Above shows the class taught by Victoria Soto and Ann Marie Murphy.

  • Victoria Soto, Ann Marie Murphy, Allison Wyatt, Jessie Lewis, Avielle Richman, Dylan Hockley, and Olivia Engel were some of the people who suffered on this day.
  • On the day of the shooting, Soto tried to save all of her students by hiding them in a closet.
  • All of the people named above were shot on December 14 at Sandy Hook.
  • This was a sad day for all of America.

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