Exploration for Spain

Only the brave will explore

Your country is in need of resources, Your Majesty, Phillip II. I will fulfill this with the honor of you, My King, and bring back what you desire.

In this year, 1563, I have traveled from Russia to this wonderful country of yours, Spain. I would like to request an opportunity to travel to the Americas and bring back treasured resources. This will highly benefit your country. I plan to travel to the Seven Cities of Gold in the southwest. I know you will appreciate the gold that will return for you.  I will also bring back less valuable resources, but still vital. This includes spices and silk which will be helpful to the economy. Another important factor will be the natives. I have heard that a natives tribe lives close to the area of the Seven Cities. If I come upon them, those trade opportunities would be beneficial. I have heard that some of the natives would be willing to do so. The French and British are also sending explorers to the Americas. If I come upon any of them, I will only ask for peace and to go our separate ways. If worst comes to worst, we will have to fight. Lack of food and healthy water will make the trip successful. If not, men will start to die or be conquered by the diseases. Good crewmen will be very helpful. The others that have just come out from prison will have a much higher chance of starting a mutiny and this will be troublesome. I thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty. All I need is a ship, healthy food and water, and a good and hearty crew. Once again, I thank you for considering my voyage.

Vahan Hakobyan

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