meditation project

meditation by: Haley Mitchell Mr.Halkuff core 3

On the 15th of January the whole class meditated and did a sleep exercise, my favorite of course would have to be the sleeping exercise because we haven't had a class nap time since preschool! But I did really love the whole entire project because it really relaxed me, my entire body and mind. I am defiantly going to meditate in the future because it was very fun and I really look at meditation differently. I would say that I look at meditation differently now because before I really thought it as stupid and boring but after actually trying it I have now realized that it helps my mind and body.

how did i feel when we meditated? well when we meditated it was very weird at first but after the third time i felt a lot better and soothed. i really liked it when we did the guided meditation but at the same time it was kind of sad because imagined my animal friend as my dog who passed away about a year ago now . But other than that it was very fun and relaxing i really liked the sleep guide because after the whole thing is finished i was OUT . (until kj violently shook me awake) but i other than a few minor things i enjoyed this project.

mantra: in my mind a mantra is any good saying that you want to do or say to help you meditate.
meditation: in my own words is to completely relax the body and mind and let go of anything or acquire anything
deep breathing: to me deep breathing is when you center your breathing patterns and are getting a full breath and breathing from your stoumach not your chest.

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